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44"56,6' N 13"50' E
Euromarine charter fleet is located on pier A.
In the ACI marina Pula premises there is an exchange office, a restaurant, sanitary facilities (toilets and showers), a service station and a parking space.
All berths are equipped with water and electricity ports. Fuel station is in a small dock nearby. Port Authorities and Customs Office are also nearby. All the necessary cruising equipment can be purchased in the nearby shops and shopping centres. 
43"30,1' N 16"26' E
Euromarine charter fleet is located on pier C.
In the marina premises there is a restaurant, a snack bar, sanitary facilities (toilets and showers), a laundry, grocery and nautical equipment shops, a service station and a parking space.
All berths are equipped with water and electricity ports.
Fuel station is near the marina, some 100 meters away, below the Marjan hotel.
42"40,3' N 18"07,6' E
Euromarine charter fleet is located on pier E.
In the marina premises there is an exchange office, a coffee bar, an aperitif bar, a restaurant, a pub, a tennis court, a swimming pool, sanitary facilities (toilets and showers), laundry, a small shopping centre, a nautical equipment shop, a service station and a parking place.
All berths are equipped with water and electricity ports. Fuel station is in the marina area, approximately 500 meters away.
Useful information

Once we have reserved a perfect vessel for you, we invite you to make all initial preparations for your immediate arrival and enjoyment under the sun.
Adriatic sea

Originally, the sea was known in Latin as Mare Superum.Later, it was replaced by Mare (H)Adriaticum. The name, derived from the Etruscan colony of Adria (or Hadria), originally designated only the upper portion of the sea (Herodotus vi. 127, vii. 20, ix. 92; Euripides, Hippolytus, 736), but was gradually extended as the Syracusan colonies gained in importance. The name Adria derives from the Illyrian word adur meaning "water" or "sea".
National parks

The national park occupies the western, wooded part of the Island of Mljet. Five different types of forest and remnants of a primeval forest, numerous song birds, and the habitat of the snake (or short-toed) eagle which feeds on non-venomous snakes and lizards. A small, saline lake is linked to a larger lake by a canal. In the middle of that lake is the tiny isle of St Maria on which there is a 12th-century Benedictine monastery. It is possible to reach the most cunningly hidden beaches and sea caves, going beyond the boundaries of the lake and the park, by canoe or kayak; or to walk the shaded paths to Illyrian hill forts or the cliffs on the side of the island facing the open sea; or cycle to its karstic plains or the island settlements and view their traditional architecture, ancient churches, charming wine cellars and taverns offering local specialties.
NEW boats in 2016.
Sailing Boats
Although slower than motor yachts, when compared to the fuel consumption of motor yachts, sailing yachts are more economical as they have fewer fuel costs than motor yachts. On a sailing yacht you can choose between a quiet and long cruise to your desired destination or an exciting race adventure. They are complicated to navigate than motor yachts as they require more experience and skills, but they are more convenient because of their favorable prices. Sailing is exciting, but when you are out on a sailboat, you always have to pay attention and keep control of the boat because it takes a lot of concentration and a lot more practice to sail safely and correctly.
List of Sailing Boats
If you are searching for an ideal choice for families and larger groups, we recommend to choose a catamaran, which is in a category of special type of sailboats. Catamarans are a relatively recent introduction to the design of boats for both leisure and sport sailing.
Considering its construction, a catamaran is a type of multihulled boat consisting of two connected hulls and can be sail- or engine-powered. Catamarans have separated cabins in their two hulls and a wide bridge deck saloon between the hulls.
List of Catamarans
Motor Boats
Once you decide to charter a motor yacht, this will bring you a great pleasure of being on board. Through their main characteristics such as spacious and elegant cabins, sophisticated technology and roomy decks you will experience luxury and comfort. This will make your holidays much more comfortable and will also afford you all water sports, recreation and entertainment privileges.
List of Motor Boats
Luxury Yachts
If you like speed, power and freedom, coupled with taste of salt on your skin and the vastness of the sea, then a mega yacht is the right boat for you. There is nothing quite similar to the feeling of ultimate power over the sea when standing aboard one of these beauties.
yachts are known for their luxurious features, an incredibly high-class exterior appearance, which will make you will feel like a high-rolling jet-setter. On a luxury yacht, you will definitely feel at peace and at home. A luxury yacht is unparalleled in its sophistication and the sense of adventure it gives.
Choosing the right luxury yacht for your sailing vacations is not an easy job, but it certainly guarantees the memories of a lifetime.
List of Luxury Yachts
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